Which style of curtain headings should I choose?

You’ve spent ages choosing the fabric for your new curtains, and now you need to decide on the style.

 It is the choice of curtain heading that determines the style, and is just as important a decision as the fabric to make sure that the curtains look fantastic. The heading determines the fall and drape of the fabric, and so affects the overall look. The choice will of course depend on the type of pole or track that you already have in place, and in some cases the amount of fabric that you will need.

Here are the most popular curtain heading options:

Box Pleat Headings

This is a very tailored look, creating deep folds down the length of the fabric.

Cased Headings

This is the most basic type of heading. A simple pocket is created along the top of the curtain. It is most suitable for dormer rods but not very easy to draw.

Eyelet Heading

This is a good option for a minimalist modern look. The curtains are threaded through eyelets which are punched into the top of the curtains. This heading requires less fullness of fabric so stacks to a minimal space. A slick, contemporary look.

Goblet Heading

Tube-shaped pleats are lined with buckram, to create stiff goblet shapes at the curtain top. The fabric drapes below the goblets giving a very full and opulent look to the curtain. This is a statement look with a wow factor.

Pencil Pleat Heading

This is a simple casual look, created by a sewn-on tape with cords through it which when pulled gather the curtains to the desired fullness.

Pinch Pleat Heading

A classic formal heading, to create an elegant look. Pleats are pinched together and secured to form the heading and spaced evenly along the top of the curtain, creating a completely uniform look with a good fullness. This heading is best suited to poles.

Pinch pleats can be single, double or triple depending on the number of pleats that are pinched together. The greater the number of pleats the greater the stack back when the curtain is drawn.

Standard Gather Heading 

A traditional but informal look, this heading is suitable for shorter length curtains.

Tab Top Heading

A very simple heading, but it is not that easy to stack or draw.

Wave Heading

This is a neat, stylish heading created by Silent Gliss. Using a specially designed heading tape and evenly spaced gliders the effect is that of a simple soft wave. The curtains hang below the track in a uniform style. A key advantage of this heading is the minimal curtain stack. The wave heading suits both traditional and contemporary interiors, and is ideal with pelmets.

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